Audio Products

Noise Reduction Filter


Andrea’s PureAudio Noise Reduction Filter is an editor's dream come true. This filter effortlessly isolates the spoken word from unwanted background noise, and can instantly clean up voice recordings, interviews, or dialogue with a touch of a button. 

 PureAudio’s Adaptive Digital Noise Reduction Filter reduces up to -40dB of repetitive noises, while supporting wide frequency bandwidth sample rates of up to 48Khz. The variable control allows the user to select the level of noise cancellation for the desired amount to be applied to the embedded noisy segment.

Center Channel Focus is a new feature for the broadcast industry. This is an adaptive audio algorithm that cancels the stereo ambient sound mixed into the broadcast main audio stream. This feature focuses and highlights the center channel voice audio for better intelligibility and listening to the speech content of the recording.

PureAudio™ Noise Reduction and Center Channel Focus functions are perfect for editing mobile journalism interviews that take place in real world noisy environments.

This new speech enhancement technology for broadcasting can also greatly improve the listening intelligibility for transcription services such as Closed Captioning (CC), perfect for content that is typically corrupted with crowd noise making transcription services more challenging and fatiguing to transcribers over time.

Profanity Delay


  Profanity Switching

  • Switch to “Safe” inputs
  • Switch audio and video independently
  • 2 GPI control inputs
  • Programmable reaction times
  • Clean switching (NO clicks or pops)

Stadium Delay

  • Adjust large video displays to audio system delay

Variable Audio/Video Delay

  • 6.25 seconds at 1080i, 30.5 seconds in SD
  • Lip sync correction
  • Passes all VANC data including CEA-608/708
  • 20 total channels of audio delay (4 AES + 16emb)

Additional Features

  • Audio/Video full frame synchronizer
  • Audio embedder / de-embedder with channel mapping
  • Video test pattern / audio tone generator (20+ patterns)
  • Still image store and display
  • AES I/O, video and GPIs use only one slot