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NAB 2019 awarded AbonAir with the Product of the Year Award to the wireless Teleprompter and Video Return system. Complete mobile wireless video solution is based on a single link that incorporates a teleprompter, video return, CCU Intercom and Optional 7 msec delay (less than half a frame). The perfect solution based on the deployment of a Fiber Coverage Extender anywhere. . Allow TV production crews to use a wireless camera with its functionalities (as with a wired camera), not neglecting any feature that is essential for a tier-1 broadcaster production. outdoor sports, reality shows, entertainment, live events and video assist.



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Andrea Electronic


PureAudio Noise reduction filter is an editor’s dream, Application plug in to Avid and Adobe Premier. Effortlessly isolates the spoken word from unwanted background noise and can instantly clean up voice recordings, interviews, or dialogue with a touch of a button.

Andrea Electronics is a pioneer of digital array microphones and noise reduction software.
Andrea is an industry leader of digital microphone product solutions that optimize the performance of voice driven applications such as: Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), In-Car Computing and Mobile Audio/Video Recording among others. 

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Radio and Television turn-key systems, for any radio station (FM, WEB, etc.), perfectly integrated into a compact technical furniture, can be pre-assembled. Radio studios with multiple control rooms, multi-channel video logging systems, single or multi-channel radios and TV automation systems. 

 XTV Suite is a professional complete set of software tools for TV stations which manages video capture, trimming, scheduling and playout. Completely automatic and unattended efficiency 24/7.XTV is perfect for TV stations, Satellite Channels, Cable TV, News Room, Web TV, CCTV, Corporate TV, Presentation, hotel pay TV channels, museums info channels and video wall display, which can take advantage of its user-friendly interface. 

Barnfind Techologies


 Amazing signal transport solution. Barnfind’s powerful capabilities, saves valuable real estate (rack space), and power consumption. Suited for Television-Broadcast, Service Providers and Post Production markets, also accommodate Digital Signage, Telemedicine/Healthcare, Campus Networks, Government Applications, Industry, CCTV/Security, Defense, Conference, Events, House of Worship. Any MSA SFP will fit into the Barnfind system,  

Bon Electronics


Bon Monitors meet minus meet every expectation you might have either in the outdoor or indoor settings. BON’s superbright series (5 models from 7’to 21’), you will be able to see clear and sharp pictures displayed without sunshade. BON offers studio, broadcast for postproduction superb picture quality performance and color accuracy with 24” OLED broadcasting monitors series, Field Monitors and quad split series as well.  

Cal Media


 Cal Media Engineering makes multipurpose HD/SD openGear cards for the video broadcast industry supporting profanity delay switching with programmable reaction times and GPI inputs with separate or combined video and audio switching.  

Other applications include: stadium delay, variable audio/video delay for lip sync correction, full frame synchronization, audio embedding/de-embedding, video test pattern and audio tone generation, and SD card still image store and display. Cards are configurable and controllable through the free openGear Dashboard software supported on Mac, PC, or Linux systems, via ethernet.  

The Model 5000 A/V Delay Card is a time tested, reliable solution utilized in many tv stations and other facilities across the country.  Cal Media engineers are also known for developing other innovative landmark products, such as the Schindler Imaging MVP-24 frame rate converter, a staple in the 24 frame playback industry; and the Time Tailor™  (a.k.a. the Time Machine), the first real-time time compression device that has  generated $millions in additional ad revenue for customers.

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Camgear tripod systems support cameras from DSLR to large camcorder with box lens. Camgear tripod systems have large number of choices, it comes either with carbon or aluminum tripods and with ground spreader or mid level spreader. it is an ideal choice for various application, no matter new gathering, field production, large or small studio, outside broadcasting, film making or even low budget video production, Camgear tripod systems always provide sturdy, reliable, and professional performance



Initially, the main lineup of Libec series were tripods and fluid heads for professional video users. Now, Libec has a wide range of camera supports including pedestals, a telescopic jib arm, an electronically-controlled remote head, remote controls, dollies, tracking rails, and more. Libec has not only achieved high repute in Japan, but also continuously gaining popularity worldwide. To satisfy customer demand, new products are always created by covering a wide range of themes such as product design, material research, and weight saving solutions to enhance functionality, operability, and durability. Libec shows consistent growth in recent years. In 2006, Libec Sales of America Inc., a wholly owned sales subsidiary of Heiwa Seiki Kogyo Co., Ltd., was founded in Los Angeles, California, USA, to nurture our sales and marketing business.  



 High Quality LED Lighting, the highest CRI, Minimal green cast, No Fan, No Noise, Excellent Uniformity, Color Accuracy, Superior Finish, Reduced Glare, Eco-Friendly & DMX Standard. LUMOS provided lighting for ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and CW studios along with, CBS and FOX's New York headquarters. 

 We can provide full turnkey studio designs including onsite visits, CAD design, lighting plots, licensed riggers for grid and lighting installation from concept to installation. 

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MPI Fiber Cables


Customized any length of Tactical Fiber (single mode or multimode) with fiber counts from 1-12 strands using the industry fiber connectors such as FC, LC, SC, ST, MX and Neutrik (Opticalcon). Industry standard SMPTE 311 camera cable assemblies in standard lengths or custom lengths using SMPTE 304 standard connectors or Neutrik (Opticalcon) connectors. 

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  High-quality Cost-friendly, 15” teleprompters flat panel display has HDMI, VGA, and Analog video inputs packaged with software and controller, for use by educational institutes, corporate communications, small studios,.  

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Steadicam Air

Setting a new standard; the Steadicam Air brings versatility back to the monopod

 Setting a new standard; the Steadicam Air brings versatility back to the monopod. With its gas lift spring, the Air makes it easy for professional photographers and cinematographers to raise their heights and never miss a moment. Available in two different configurations, a 25 lb. and soon after a 15 lb. weight capacity, the Air is the perfect complement for professional image-makers looking to stabilize and support their equipment. 

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Studio 8 Furniture


 30 years of experience

Studio 8 Furniture designs and manufactures quality integrated technical furniture. Our partnership with DeProMark has given us the ability to provide superior fabrication and installation services which are unique to the industry. Our staff's skills and experience includes backgrounds in design, engineering, and innovation.   

Keeping up with the current trends in technology

We pride ourselves on being in step with current and emerging technologies. By offering superior ergonomic, aesthetic, and custom designs, our furniture speaks for itself. Studio 8 Furniture has worked on a wide range of projects - from a single shippable unit, to an entire custom facility. Our design team can create a custom layout for your facility to increase productivity and efficiency.   

Providing support for our clients

 Need help with your project? Let Studio 8 Furniture’s in-house designers offer their expertise in creating a comfortable and ergonomic design in keeping with your style or brand. We will work with you to stay on budget and help select the appropriate construction and finishes for your environment.   

Studio 8 Furniture is competitively priced and we guarantee to deliver and install on your schedule!

Telescript International


Professional teleprompting solutions, from hardware to software. 12, 15”, 17” and 19” studio teleprompters. PTZ and Robotic teleprompting systems. Telescript has supplied professional teleprompting solutions, from hardware to software. Whether it’s for the leader of the free world, heads of states all over the globe, CEOs, television stations, or live events. Teleprompting software. “Presidential” motorized teleprompting systems. Portable fold down portable teleprompters for traveling and field use